"WHAT IS DV8 Dance Company"

DV8 is a Dana’s Studio of Dance Dance Company

“It is artistic director Melanie Tyler-horne’s vision to help unify the DFW metroplex dance world into a single company of dancers with the same goals and ambition to form Dv8 the company. Here we mix several methods, styles, and cultures into an entirely new and exiting way of broadening a dancers “competition” dance experience. Completing this dance education with highly talented, and professional choreographers hired from around the world, Dv8 the company focuses on training your students with the highest level of professionalism and the newest and sought after styles of dance available. The company’s valuable innovation is that dance is an art form, a technique, and a passion without boundaries. We seek the highest level of training possible, while promoting a dance environment where everyone has the same level of commitment as the next. Dv8 the company’s trademark is…… let’s all come together for the sake of art. We just deviate from the “normal” dance company a little………”


Where We Are Located